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5/1/20 (updated 7/15/20):

Greetings from Dr. T & our office family:
April showers bring May Flowers! That’s not just saying but hopefully a metaphor for our CoViD crisis! Hope springs eternal! 🌻

On 4/22/20, CA Gov. Gavin Newsom said that regular check ups for patients are an important part of the standard of care. He further opined that patient fear have led to massive drops in patient visits, which may lead to much more complex problems in the future as patients miss routine screenings and preventative care. He even mentioned that a doctor’s office is one of the safest places for a patient to be. Our local hospitals have said that we have flattened the curve and “the latest models indicate we will not exceed ICU bed or ventilator capacity.” They predict a world that is COVID-safe, not COVID-free.

I miss seeing y’all but on the other hand I’m saving a bunch on toilet paper! We are offering for you to now be able to COME IN to the office for your routine annual exam.

We will be taking these precautions:

Parking Lot
If you would like to call our office to find out if you can come directly into the exam room without stopping in the waiting room, please call and then we can have you wait in the car until we call you BUT chances are that there will be no wait as we space out patients

Waiting Room

  • The door to the hall will remain open. We will minimize the number of door handles you need to touch.
  • There will be no need to touch pens as we will sign in for you.
  • We now have PPE. On 5/1/20 when we originally posted this we did not have access to N95 masks because we did not selfish hoard whilst those in hospitals could not procure; in fact we donated funds for PPE purchase to our local hospital to help them out!
  • We request that you do NOT bring visitors but if you do please limit to one.
  • We will be staggering patients so that if there is a physical patient in our office our next patient will be a VIDEO TeleHealth visit.

Exam Room

  • Continually sanitizing surfaces
  • Alternating patients in exam rooms so no patients in the same room within 30 minutes.
  • We will continue to request physical distancing BUT obviously, that won’t happen in the exam room with a physical exam.
  • Please continue to NOT come in for URI (upper respiratory-tract infection), nor any CoViD concerns; we continue to NOT have any CoronaVirus testing.
  • We’ve been trying to keep people updated with scientific studies on these unprecedented Corona Virus times via our Facebook (www.Facebook.com/818Gyn) page so ‘like’ that to follow.

Everyone has a different definition of what “safe” is. You still have the option of VIDEO chat appointments. You still have the option of delaying your annual. Over 65 yo and those with co-morbidities should continue to shelter in place for now as the risks to you may still be higher than the need to come in but we will accept you if you do.

No doubt you’ve seen the meme, “A visit to the gynecologist spring 2020” but if not, you can Google it though I warn you it is a bit graphic (which is why I’m not posting it) but illustrates a point why there still is a need for you to come in to the office – LOL!

Remember we have more in common than divides us; united we stand! Please continue to respect others’ dissent. We are here for you 24/7! Just reach out!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” –Sir Winston Churchill

Here comes the sun! ☀️
Ian Taras, MD, FACOG

2021 & beyond: Pandemic Preparation is a daily observational experience. Please contact the office for the most up to date procedures we’re employing.