Too often, “old school” docs say, “when in doubt, yank it out!”  Over a 1/2 million hysterectomies are done a year in the U.S. & many of them could be done either the “new school” way or not done at all with surgical (or even medical) alternatives.  A surgeons choice is usually to either make their work easy on them and the recovery harder on you, OR to make it harder on them and therefore make the recovery easier on you!  In our practice we take the latter approach; remember that old commercial & the scrubbing bubbles that used to say, “we work hard so you don’t have to!”  Dr. Taras has been chosen to travel to different cities and train other doctors in these techniques!

  1. Colonoscopy alternative for colon cancer screening
    1. Cologuard
  2. Collision Pain with Sex – Tilted Uterus?
    1. UpLift Hysteropexy (uterine lift) for Painful Sexual Intercourse
  3. da Vinci Hysterectomy – 2008 One of the first da Vinci Robot certified general gynecologists in the San Fernando Valley but since stopped using because ‘more holes, more cost & less value for the patient.
  4. Fibroids – Home same day
    1. MyoSure
    2. Resectr
    3. TruClear
  5. Heavy Menstrual Bleeding – Global Endometrial Ablation = “Gone in 60 seconds!”
    1. NovaSure
    2. Genesys HTA
    3. Minerva ES
  6. Outpatient Hysterectomy – Done in the morning, home that evening, recovered in 2 weeks (not 2 months)!!!
    1. LSH – Laparoscopic SupraCervical Hysterectomy
  7. SUI-Stress Urinary Incontinence: Stop leaking and start living. Stops leaks so you only pee when you want to!
    1. Uresta
    2. Poise Impressa
  8. Tubal Sterilization
    1. FemBloc – Right now, doctors at select women’s health centers are conducting a research study for the FemBloc® Permanent Contraceptive System – an in-office procedure for permanent birth control that does not involve surgery or incisions; they are in stage II trials. Participants in the FemBloc Study will receive the FemBloc System and all study-related care at no cost.