Dr. Taras invites patients to write reviews describing their experience while visiting our Woodland Hills Ob/Gyn Office. Reviews not only help new patients choose a health care provider, but they also motivate our staff and give us invaluable feedback.

Featured Google Reviews

carrie smart
“Dr. Taras is on of the most compassionate doctors I have ever met. He is a wonderful listener and really takes his time to talk to you and hear your thoughts and concerns. I always feel like I am important. He always responds to my emails and I feel like he really knows me.”
Carrie Smart
mercy alvarez
“Dr. Tara’s is the most Amazing doctor I have ever met. He really shows compassion towards his patients.
He gives you 100% of his attention, something I have never experienced with any other doctor.
His staff is just as caring. From the moment I called to make an appointment Kris was personable and kind, she made me feel super comfortable as I was a nervous wreck. The entire office has a true passion for what they do and you can feel it throughout your entire experience with them.”
Mercy Alvarez
cheryl valice
“I feel so lucky to have Dr. Taras as my doctor. He has helped me numerous times with various health issues. He is extremely knowledgeable and is very involved in women’s health. He’s always available to me by email, for which I am very grateful since I have moved 2 hours outside of Woodland Hills. I would totally recommend Dr. Taras, so much so, that I travel back to see him for all my gynecological needs. He’s the best.”
Cheryl Valice

Featured Facebook Reviews


“I have been going to Dr. Taras for 19 years and would recommend him highly. He and his office staff are very responsive. He has guided me in the right direction many times.”

Debra Hoffmann-Lewis

“I was introduced to Dr. Tara’s by my sister when I moved to California back in 2016 and I couldn’t be more grateful! Dr. Taras and his staff are compassionate, kind and accommodating. Very lucky to have been pointed in his direction 😊 ”

Celia Garcia

“Dr. Taras and his staff are incredibly helpful and nice. I’ve been a patient of his for about 5 years, and I don’t plan on ever changing doctors. No matter the reason for my visit, Dr. Taras always makes sure I have an answer or recommends an alternative, so I never leave at a loss. He’s genuinely a great guy and doctor, and I can tell he truly cares about my health and wellbeing.”

Jordan Manhan

Featured Yelp Reviews

user_60_square profile image

“Dr. Taras is amazing. He is kind and sympathetic, optimistic, and always helpful. I started going to him because I needed some help with the menopause transition. I have stayed because he continually offers solutions and services that make my life better. He thinks outside the box. He always listens. He answers emails. He’s just the best!”

Diane C.
user_60_square profile image

“If you’re looking for a Dr. who is thorough, yet kind; who is funny, yet professional; and who has the experience, yet is also on the cutting edge, then look no further. Dr. Taras is that oh-so rare combo of great bedside manner and extremely knowledgable about research and medicine. He cares about the details and you will never feel rushed at his office. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Taras for 15 years. He’s treated me for various medical conditions as well as routine examinations and I have always been 100% satisfied. I feel so lucky to have him as my Doctor.”

Hadas W.
user_60_square profile image

“Dr. Taras is an amazing doctor and such a wonderful man. I am in awe of him and have been his patient for over fifteen years. He has abundance of expertise, kindness and warmth. Thank you Dr. Taras for the incredible care that you have provided me with all these years. You are truly the best doctor that I have ever known.”

Helen K.

Featured Healthgrades Reviews

5 star reviews on healthgrades
Dr. Taras and his staff are the best! Not only does Dr. Taras care about my well being, but he and his staff always makes me feel welcome when going in for an appointment. He takes his time discussing different treatment options to find the one that makes sense for me, and is available by email, which is fantastic. I’m so happy to have had him as my doctor for several years and highly recommend him.
5 star reviews on healthgrades
Dr. Taras is not only caring and compassionate, but BRILLIANT!!! I could not recommend him more! He is a LIFE-SAVER!!!
5 star reviews on healthgrades
I cannot recommend Dr. Taras highly enough!!! He has been my doctor for 16 years and now he is also my daughters’ doctor. He and his staff are caring, helpful, knowledgeable and very responsive. Dr. Taras always takes his time and does not rush his appointments. He always listens and works with you so you are involved in your care.